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Janus Platform for Government 

The Janus platform provides a complete continuous integration environment.  As our developers build your solution, we run a  suite of automated tests, to prove the addition of new features.  This is an intrinsic element of our development methodology and helps to ensure the quality of the final product.  

The automated test suite runs in a browsers and simulates how user will interact with the web application.  These tests also help to document the system, describing how a particular feature is meant to work.  The tests form the back bone of our methodology and are used to lock the behaviour of the code in place.

Automated Testing
Continuous Integration
Code coverage

Another quality gate is measured by the code coverage.  This allows us to demonstrate that the tests, are actually hitting the feature code.  Combined with the automated testing, this is a great story to present back to your stake holders.  


Once the quality gates have all been completed, your Government ready software will be automatically deployed to our test environments. 

These will be available to you, for testing and for use in Showcases to your stakeholders.

Technology Stack

Our technology stack is chosen to be supportable and scaleable.

JANUS is built on the MERN stack - Mongo, Express, React and Node.  

Our delivered product to you will be the working Government software as a "docker image". This can be deployed onto your cloud platform of choice.

The JANUS code, software and integration artefacts written by Zaltek, will be licensed to you.  You decide what you want to do with it and how you want to maintain it.

We can provide the long term support of the solution we have developed for you.