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JANUS - the Roman God of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality and doorways

Introducing the JANUS platform for Government Contracts


Software Consultants for your Government Contracts

"You get the contract, we  write the software"

Our team of in-house programmers specialise in creating digital solutions for your Government Contracts.  We use our bespoke JANUS platform developed by the Zaltek engineers to deliver rapid results for your Company, reducing your costs and maximising your margin. 

By outsourcing your software delivery to us, you will be utilising our team of experts in React, Node, Javascript, Java, Spring and Mongo technologies.

Our commitment to you is that we will provide a regular "Showcase Pack", showing progress, updates, screenshots, working software, code coverage, testing videos, allowing you to replay updates to your Stake Holders. 


We will provide automated tests and managed continuous integration environments, allowing you to validate the quality of our work.


Feature set

Fully javascript enabled pages, meaning fast load times, silky smooth transitions.

Full react component library covering Government design system toolkit

Smart loading spinners

Optimised browser caching strategy to minimise network traffic   

Session management

Auto sign out after expiry time

Offline banner

Full integration with Google Tag Manager

No-javascript support; web app fully works with javascript disabled

Ready to go automation test library

Responsive design; looks amazing on a mobile!

Development environment supports Mac, Windows and Linux 

In browser and server side code coverage as single report


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